What is GSniper2 and What it contains?

Affiliate marketing has emerged as one of the most sought after methods to make money online. It can help anyone make easy money, but not without serious, concentrated effort. Lots of people have been talking about the Google Sniper or the system from George Brown. I’m fully aware that I’m not the first or last person who would be writing about this excellent product. Nevertheless, it is my sincere endeavor to bring you face to face with the actual facts and to make it easier for you to make the decision.

I wish to clarify right at the outset that I am providing you these details without any strings attached. So you will have to fill no opt-in forms, provide your email address etc. No free bonuses, gifts or all that crap too! It is going to be nothing but an honest take on the course which I purchased recently. In fact I am trying out at the moment of writing this article. Further in this article, you will read certain essential details related to this course and will have a better idea if it will really be useful to you in your affiliate marketing journey.


What is gsniper2 after all?

Gsniper2 is a comprehensive course on internet marketing and not just a few cheesy pdf files. It will take you by hand and guide through the process of creating a site from scratch. You go into niches within the niches and target highly specific keywords, followed by building a 5-6 page website based on that keyword. George will teach you how you can target such specific keywords and do website optimization in a manner that Google has no option but to rank you higher than your competitors.

Let us look into the content of gsniper2. It consists of the following 8 parts:

Part 1 – You will be taught how you can discover profitable niches and figure out the right keywords to target the right market segment.

Part 2 – You’ll lay a solid foundation for your website by selecting an appropriate domain name, carrying out the wordpress installation with all important plugins.

Part 3 – In this part you will learn how to develop the kind of content for your website which will provide you with the maximum conversion rate.

Part 4 – This part is about website optimization to earn your website well deserved high search engine rankings.

Part 5 – This chapter is all about affiliate links. Where you must put them, how you must cloak them, what should be the anchor text above those links etc.

Part 6 – All that you learn until this point will be put into practice in this part. It is a step by step blueprint of website creation from beginning to end.

Part 7 – We’ll throw light on strategies to get quick backlinks in this part. It will go a long way in getting your web site indexed fast and in bringing it up in search engine rankings.

Part 8 – All the above learning will be practically channeled into making your website a money making machine.

So go ahead and make money now!

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Google Sniper by George Brown has been around since October 2009 and has helped thousands of internet marketers achieve tremendous success. However, its latest version gsniper2 was launched recently and is already making great waves. What is gsniper2 course exactly and what all does it consist of has been explained in a separate article. What I’m going to discuss in this article is the strategy of building backlinks to your Google sniper site. So, how do you get backlinks to your sniper web site? Here’s how:

Guest Blogging – You can either personally write informative articles, or can outsource article writing work to others on portals like etc. Thereafter, you can contact other blog / web site owners to freely publish these articles in exchange of links back to your sniper site.

Profile Links – There are several high page rank web sites out there which allow personal profile creation to users. These profiles usually have a designated field where you can insert a link back to your web site.

Social Bookmarking – This aspect of backlink building has been covered comprehensively by George in Google Sniper. However, it must be kept in mind that the bookmarks you create must pass on page rank to your website by being do-follow.

Article submissions – One of the oldest and one of the most trustworthy methods of generating credible backlinks, article submission has helped hundreds of thousands of internet marketers in their online endeavors. It involves writing of high quality articles which are then submitted to high page rank article directories. The process of article creation remains the same as discussed earlier in the blog commenting point. In addition to the article creation task, you can even outsource the article submission work to freelancers or vendors. The article directories normally have a resource box in the end where you can write a bit about yourself or the product and also include a link back to your web site. Apart from providing you with a credible backlink, article directories can also be useful in generating traffic for your website as they normally rank very well in search engines.

Blog Commenting – Although considered spam by Google, if you approach blog commenting carefully, it can reap great dividends for you and help you go a long way in providing excellent page rank to your web site. Trick is to locate blogs that are still virgin and have not been saturated with blog comments yet. Further, it is important that the links generated are do-follow so that you do get link juice for your sniper site.

In addition to the vast number of techniques and tricks discussed in gsniper2 course, all the above mentioned points can go a long way in boosting your site’s Google rankings, even for some of the most competitive keywords. Having been in the internet marketing industry for a long time, I have learnt that the most important IM advice is to remain focused and persistent with your efforts.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and purchase the Gniper2 course and start ruling the internet now!

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In this article I will provide you with some highly useful words of wisdom from George Brown, the creator of the Google Sniper 2 program. You will be given a fairly general idea about how affiliate marketing is structured and made to work. What kind of dedication is required to succeed in this field? To put in a nutshell, affiliate marketing takes ones business to an altogether new level.

To start with, you need to be highly organized and focused. This is the primary reason that most of the Internet marketers fail in their first attempt itself. It is important that you maintain your focus only on one thing at one time. Television is an absolute no-no and Facebook is completely banned! You must arrange your workspace properly and make it as comfortable as possible. Get into the mindset of an Internet marketer and get ready for an adventurous journey into this world!

The next point is also very important and critical to success in Internet marketing. It is about finding the right kind of system to follow. A simple search on Internet will reveal that there are infinite numbers of online marketing products that offer world to you in no time at all. It is important that you make your choice wisely as every failure will bring about a lot of discouragement and hopelessness.

Carry out comprehensive research and look out for testimonials of other people who have had success in this field. A better idea will be to head onto a reliable forum and interact with other people who have had success with a certain product. In all likelihood you will come across many Internet marketers who are making lots of money with GSniper2 program. Always remain open to learn and never be afraid of educating yourself about this line of business.

It is important that you maintain your website regularly and keep it updated with quality articles and posts. Your writing must always be kept on target by following the right keywords (in line with the learning is made from the GSniper2 program). Unless you come into notice by the search engines, your efforts will be of no use and you will always remain deep down somewhere on the 600th page. We all are aware that it is important for your website to climb up to the first page to make any money.

Find out different ways of climbing up in the search engine ranking based on the learning that you get from the Google Sniper 2 program. No online business can survive without traffic and therefore it is a must to master the search engine optimization techniques. Three important elements which will go a long way in generating consistent traffic for you are – on page optimization, off page optimization and good keyword research.

Once you start receiving consistent flow of traffic on your website, do not relax. You may have won the battle, but not the war. Unless you are able to convert the traffic into real sales, it may not hold any meaning at all. This is where copywriting comes into play. Get hold of Google Sniper 2 program right now to learn more about all these techniques in detail.

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GSniper2 Program – Advise for the Newbies

Many people ask if Google sniper 2 or GSniper2 program can be easily followed and implemented by newbies. It is a common perception among newbies that all such programs may be full of technical language which is far from the day-to-day language they are used to. They are reluctant whether they will really be able to put everything together and make any use of the Gsniper2 course. Well, it seems that George Brown had a very good foresight and had already predicted all such questions. So, apart from the comprehensive 104 page manual, the GSniper2 course also has 8 videos corresponding to the manual’s 8 parts, and separate eight videos that are now considered to be the Bible of pre-selling. You will learn how to go about fixing your sniper website in case anything goes wrong, one complete video is dedicated only to the topic of search engine optimization, another one is on how to use social media marketing to your advantage etc. etc.

Constantly updated GSniper2 content

After you become an official sniper by making the purchase of GSniper2 program, you can go even further to make sure that you definitely become successful in Internet marketing. George has taken Google sniper program to a completely new level by implementing two different Q & A webinars every month into the course. These webinars are meant to address any questions that snipers may have. We are all well aware that Internet marketing keeps changing from day to day and one always needs to be on one’s toes to be on the top of his/her game. This is where George and his crew come to great help.

Despite being provided with so much of valuable information, many people still remain skeptical and ask themselves if Google sniper is really a scam? The answer to that question is a firm NO. Having gone through the course personally and having implemented techniques in real-life situations, I can state with great confidence that George Brown is genuinely concerned about the success of each and every sniper. He proudly stands behind each word that has been written in the program and constantly tries to improve content of the program on a regular basis.

Regardless of what all you learn in the GSniper2 program, there are two important aspects you need to pay heed to.

First and foremost is finding the right keyword. This can be frustrating for a lot of people as there is immense competition in all popular niches. However, if you wish to approach Internet marketing as a career option, you definitely need to prepare yourself for tough situations as well. You must keep in mind that there is no manual available which will tell you the right keyword to target with one hundred percent confidence. It is all about practice and persistence.

Secondly, you must approach the whole course with seriousness and not give up after first few attempts. There is a great deal of material out there, so you must remain organized and focused throughout the course.

Thank you for reading through this article. I hope that you benefit a great deal with the GSniper2 program.

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